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All Products

Premium Salad Mix

We have several different packaging options for our premium salad mix, but it is all the same salad y'all love...


Honey Almond Granola Ingredients: fresh rolled oats, honey, almonds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, and unsweetened...

Museli Cereal

Our Cereal is made from fresh rolled oats, honey, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, dried blueberries,...

Fresh Rolled Oats

Our oats are fresh rolled from the whole oat groat.

Pancake Mix Breakfast Combo

Our pancake mix is made with fresh stone ground wheat, spelt and black barley with one honey almond snack pack granola

Cowboy Cookie and Ezekiel Soup Mix Dinner Combo

For dinner and dessert try our Ezekiel Soup Mix (easy to make in your crockpot) with organic spelt, red beans,...

Single Serving Yogurt Cups

4.5 fluid ounce container of Grade A Yogurt. Ingredients: Milk, Culture, Sugar, fruit and/or Flavoring. Made with...

Drinkable Yogurts

A rich, smooth, creamy texure yogurt, high in protein and calcium with live active cultures.

Yogurt Quarts

A rich, smooth, creamy texure yogurt, high in protein and calcium with live active cultures by the quart.


Cheeses made by Jersey Girls Milk Co. using their milk.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes with a pretty orange middle, medium size

Elephant Garlic Cloves

Elephant Garlic - Great for cooking or planting. When planting time October/November, point side up harvest...


Jams made with Farm Fresh Fruit and Low Sugar Pectin from Granny Annie's Farm at the H & H Ranch in Coke, Texas


Jelly Made from Home Grown Fruit from Granny Annie's at the H & H Ranch in Coke, Texas


Home Grown from Granny Annie's at the H & H Ranch in Coke Texas


Made with Home Grown Veggies from Granny Annie's at the H & H Ranch in Coke, Texas

Tomato Base Items

Made with Home Vegetables from Granny Annie's at the H & H Ranch


Boggy Creek Honey Farm - Omaha, Texas


Made from scratch breads that are out of this world.


Made from scratch cookies that are incredible. These are the ones that you had as a kid and some that you may not...

Cinnamon Rolls

These are incredible cinnamon rolls. They are made from scratch including the cream cheese icing. They really do melt...

Dinner Breads

These are some of the best dinner rolls you'll ever have. Soft and fluffy with a little crisp on the top. Have...


We have a combination of micro-greens in a mix that you can eat as a salad, put on sandwiches, use as garnish, add to...

Gluten Free

We have a few options for those that want or need to avoid gluten. All are delicious and made from scratch with high...


Awesome hand held amounts of deliciousness. Banana, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Blueberry and my favorite, Cinnamon...


Farm fresh, free range eggs from our hard working ladies. These eggs have not been washed. This keeps them fresh longer.

Karen’s bread

Fresh baked sourdough bread, contains wheat flour, salt,sugar, yeast, canola oil, potato.


Cabbage grown here at the H & H Ranch not chemicals

Soup Mixes

Ezekiel Soup Mix - spelt, barley, lentils, red beans, wheat, and millet with Italian spice packet Black and Red Bean...

Fried Pies

These pies have been a market fave. They have a flaky crust with a sweet glaze and are filled with a generous amount...

Homemade Caramels

Homemade caramels from scratch with real butter and no preservatives


Pasture Raised whole chickens ready to cook. So much juicier than the store bought kind!

Purple Hull Peas - Frozen- SALE!!

Purple Hull Peas Bagged in Quart Bags (4 cups) Frozen

Strawberries - Frozen - SALE!

Strawberries picked from the Golden Hour Garden in Alba, Texas. These home grown Strawberries are so tasty, they...

Plant - Cauliflower

Baby Cauliflower - Baby is a compact variety whose plants measure only 10” in diameter! The heads are dense and...

WFM Hats

Show your support for Winnsboro Farmer’s Market donning a cool ball cap.

Herb Plants

Cilantro - Cilantro is very easy to grow indoors; simply provide it with adequate water and indirect sunlight. Pinch...

Plants - Tomato - 3" Pots

Red Robin Cherry - 8 to 12 ' high, bears 1 to 1-1/4" red fruit. Can be planted in a Hanging Pot Big Beef -...


Bell Peppers - Peppers are excellent in all sorts of dishes, raw and cooked. They can be frozen at season’s end and...

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