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2 Macs Ranch

Welcome to 2 Mac's Ranch! We are a small Veteran owned Regenerative ranch in Winnsboro Texas. We offer Grass-fed and Grass-finished beef and lamb, as well as pasture raised chicken, pork and eggs. Our Murray Grey cattle are known for their high tenderness genetics, similar to Wagyu, raised on grass alone. Our St. Croix/Katahdin sheep are very hardy, naturally worm resistant and bred specifically for the best tasting lamb. We rotationally graze our cattle and sheep with daily moves to fresh grass, supplementing only with high quality hay and alfalfa in winter, as well as free choice minerals for the healthiest cattle and to benefit our soil. We offer natural alternatives for their health like antibacterial herbs and natural dewormers like Pumpkins, and never give our animals hormones. 

Our chickens, both for meat and eggs, are raised out on pasture in mobile coops that we move daily for fresh forage, but to protect from predators. They get all the benefits of living outside, which greatly increases the vitamins, mineral and Omega 3 fatty acid profile when compared to conventionally raised meats.

We also offer some seasonal produce, plants, jams, pickles and bakery items, like our delicious Dewberry Jam, Soft Sourdough bread made with our sourdough starter, and Bakery style Muffins when available. We hope you love our farm and the products we sell as much as we do. Thank you for coming along on our journey and supporting your local small family farmers. 

For more information about us and our Ranch, visit our website at or for up to date information and to follow our journey, follow us on Facebook or Instagram. If we can help answer any questions you have feel free to reach out to us at 928-412-2901 or email us at .

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