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Stout Creek Farm

Stout Creek Farm is a regenerative ranch and farm.  Founded in 2018, we raise primarily heritage breed animals, including Red Poll Cattle, St. Croix Sheep, Nigerian Goats, Glouchestershire Old Spots Pigs, Narrangansett Turkeys (seasonally) and several varieties of heritage chickens and ducks for eggs.  We also raise certain non-heritage animals that fulfill special niches for our farm, including certain blue egg layer chickens (who doesn't like pretty blue eggs!) and cornish cross and big red broiler chickens.  We move most of our animals daily to fresh forage and our cattle and sheep are grass fed and finished.  We offer quality salt minerals, premium icelandic kelp and to our cattle and sheep for supplementation and do not use supplemental hormones or antibiotics.  Our chickens, turkeys and ducks eat a non-soy, non-GMO diet as well as vegetable scraps from the garden and any bugs and grass the chickens can forage.  

We expanded our farm in 2022 with the addition of 8 high tunnels to grow a variety of vegetables and fruits. Although we are not certified as organic, we do not use herbicides and pesticides in the growth of our produce and we use minimal tillage to maintain our garden. Available produce changes seasonally.  We select our fruit and vegetable cultivars for exceptional flavor and good performance in our North Texas climate.

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