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Fresh Vegetables and Mushrooms

Our local farmers growing farm fresh vegetables and gourmet mushrooms. In season now

Pastured Meats

Poultry, beef, lamb and pork all raised locally

Farm Fresh Eggs

Eggs from local farms

Fruit, Nuts, and Berries

Locally sourced fruit, nuts, and berries

Herbs, Spices, and Teas

Locally sourced fresh and dried herbs, spices, and teas

Grains & Milled Products

Mixes, Oats, flour, and granolas

Baked Goods

Breads, muffins, cookies, cakes, and more all prepared by local food producers

Canned Vegetables, Ferments, & Pickles

Canned vegetables, cowboy candy, fermented veggies, sauerkraut, pickles, and relishes

Jams and Jellies

Jams and jellies canned by local food producers using ingredients sourced locally.

Handmade Candies and Fudge

Handmade candies and fudge made locally!

Frozen Foods

Locally sourced frozen fruits and vegetables

Bath & Body

Soaps, scrubs, balms, and salves

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